Brooklyn Decker & 52 More Pretty Girls Making Funny Faces [PHOTOS]

Pretty Girls Funny Faces 54

Why, yes, that is Brooklyn Decker giving you the googly eyes in that pic. It’s a recent fine photo from Brooklyn’s own Instagram account. And in case you’re wondering what’s going, Brooklyn was kind enough to include this caption: “Sent this pic to @ChrissyTeigen & @ErinAndrews and after an hour of group texting, they just stopped responding… I think I went too far.”

Some guys might agree. After all, they’re used to the supermodel that we’ve shown while discussing Brooklyn Decker Before She Was Famous, or while celebrating the Sexiest Brooklyn Decker GIFs. Guys aren’t used to this side of Brooklyn Decker–but don’t panic, people. It’s just Brooklyn being as fun as ever while continuing to be a Pretty Girl Making A Funny Face.

Brooklyn is a real pioneer at this internet trend. She should be proud, too. Brooklyn had to work hard to prove that any pretty girl can look kind of monstrous from the right angle. Distorting those facial features can’t hurt, either. Anyway, we think it’s great that the ladies of the internet have jumped on this fun trend. It’s like getting an idea of what most of our girlfriends will look like to us after 10 years of marriage. (Yeah, we know that we’re no Old Spice models ourselves.)

Anyway, check out these other gals pulling their funniest faces. You’ll notice that there seem to be a lot of them sporting tattoos and piercings. You’ll also see why those clearly weren’t enough to scare off the guys. Some of these faces, though, are pretty damn terrifying. So give it up for the ladies who dare to look as funny as Brooklyn Decker…

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