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Polar Vortex Aftermath Worthy of Syfy Channel [WTF PICS]


We’re still not even really sure what a Polar Vortex is, exactly. What we do know, is that we survived another one of the damned things.  The worst of the worst was endured by our Minnesotan staff members -let me tell you, the North is the last place from whence one would want to hail during a Polar freaking Vortex- but then again, their bad for going back to the midwest in January.

Between the -40 degree temperatures, the multitude of canceled flights, and numerous warnings by local media to “avoid being outside for more than ten minutes,” we felt like the end was nigh. We stocked up on soup, booze, blankets, and foodz, and prayed the the God of Wifi that he keep our connection strong through our final days.

And then somehow, like a miracle, the white Hell stopped falling out of the sky and we came out of our underground shelters to the harsh reality of… sunlight? So we retreated back to the comforting sickly blue glow of our computers and looked for cool pics of what’s left after another polar vortex. Some of these pics are very recent, and some are from the previous polar vortex, which sure feels like just yesterday.

We’re in for a chilling week here at COED headquarters, too. We guess that we’ll eventually make it out alive, but it’s hard to believe right now–and these pics will help convince you why…

COED Writer