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Nick Saban’s Daughter Sorority Catfight Gets All Legal [VIDEO]


The daughter of Alabama coach Nick Saban is being sued by a sorority sister for getting into a fist-flying physical altercation that happened happened back in 2010. At least it doesn’t sound as violent as your average football game. According to the Associated Press, Kristen Saban is now officially facing an assault lawsuit from fellow sorority sister Sarah Grimes . The lawsuit claims that the fight started after (what else?) a drunken night of partying in which Grimes and some friends all ended up totally inebriated at Saban’s apartment.

Saban was reportedly upset about a relationship she was in at the time and Grimes told her to stop being so “pathetic” about it. This must have irked Saban because she posted a Facebook message that read “No one likes Sarah, yay.” When Grimes read it, that’s when things turned physical. Grimes alleged that the fight was so bad that she had to go to the hospital to document her injuries. She also claims she suffered a concussion and had to get nasal surgery to fix her injuries. Grimes’ attorney Stephen Strickland said in court that Saban beat up Grimes “like Boom Boom Mancini.”

Of course, every guy loves a good sorority catfight–but this one sounds like it wouldn’t be so enthralling to watch. If it’s true, then someone really got the snot beaten out of them. This beatdown sounds more like a cold shower with the nozzle pointed directed at our junk.

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