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Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Strain” Teaser Is Foreboding As Hell [VIDEO]


We’re still a little ways away from seeing Guillermo Del Toro’s twisted vision of a world ruled by vampires–but FX Networks couldn’t resist teasing us with some dark imagery. It will either make you even more excited to see the thing, or crawl up in a dark corner in the fetal position and cry.

The new series is based on the books by director and screenwriter Guillermo Del Toro about a virus that turns people into ravenous vampires. So far, the show has a 13-episode order that they’re currently shooting for an unannounced release date. The series will star Corey Stoll from Netflix’s dramatic series House of Cards, along with The Lords of the Rings’ Sean Astin.

(Fun fact: The Strain audiobook series is sometimes read by frequent Del Toro actor Ron Perlman, so that had to help get the director’s attention.)

It really is great to see television bringing the horror genre back to the small screen. That includes Showtime’s own upcoming Gothic turn with  Penny Dreadful. We’re promised some genuinely scary vampires with The Strain, too. Television may not be able to show as much gore and violence as movies, but this trailer makes a good case for the impact of restraint. Besides, the horror genre has real potential to showcase both deep drama and tons of gripping action. It’s going to be nice to have so many horror shows to choose from in the months to come–and not just because we’ll need something to replace the inevitable disappointment that’s sure to surface from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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