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Genie Bouchard, the hottest thing in tennis right now, has come out as a Belieber. Yeah, it’s on video and everything. It happened at the Australian Open yesterday, right on the court following the 19-year-old Montreal-born beauty’s big win, a victory that made her the first Canadian ever to reach the semifinal of a Grand Slam. And just as the whole world was falling in love with budding champion Genie, she wilted everyone’s maple leaf by romantically invoking her fellow countryman (and current scandal-a-minute punchline) Justin Bieber.

In the clip, a reporter asks Genie, “If you could date anyone in the world of sport [or] of movies…who would you date?” The blonde knockout coyly hesitates and giggles and replies in a tone that sounds (we hope) more like she’s asking than making a declaration, “Justin Bieber?”

The crowd boos. We presume the dudes in the crowd who have shown up throughout the Open wearing white shirts marked “Genie’s Army” boo loudest. But then Genie smiles a smile that lights up her face and she laughs a laugh that alluringly quakes her athletic physique and it’s pretty clear that the official t-shirt troops will get over their heroine’s momentary lapse of taste in (alleged) men. We civilian admirers will recover, too. Forward, march.

In the meantime–while the rest of the world is fixated on the latest bone-headed Bieber exploits–grab your racquet and volley up an eyeful of Genie Bouchard pics at her hottest. That’s both on and off the court. And, at all times, totally Bieber-free. And after playing a round here, you might want to check out some other Hot Tennis Stars That You Haven’t Heard Of

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