Alexa Vega on "The Tomorrow People" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Alexa Vega on The Tomorrow People

(9 PM EST, The CW)

Alexa Vega is guesting on The Tomorrow People tonight, but your See Her Tonight column is already a little confused–since this seems to actually be the debut of Alexa PenaVega. Yeah. That’s the new name for the former Spy Kids kid who’s turned into a stacked babe with one of our favorite Instagram accounts. It seems that the 25-year-old actress is pretty much fearless despite a short-lived first marriage. Alexa Vega married her second husband Carlos Pena at the start of the year, and it seems that the couple marked the occasion by merging their names to create whole new identities.

So that’s a little baffling–although not as baffling as the fact that Alexa Vega is doing a guest stint on a CW show instead of starring in bigger movies. She won over plenty of guys with her sexy cameo in Machete Kills, but we’ve been admiring her grown-up ways ever since the underseen Repo! The Genetic Opera. (The Tomorrow People, of course, caught our eye early on with series regular Carly Pope, and Machete Kills also distracted us with Amber Heard.)

Anyway, now we know to be watching out for Alexa PenaVega–which we guess sounds kind of cool, even though it’s easy to turn that new surname into a dirty joke. Reversing that doesn’t do any better, either. We’re still excited about Alexa under any name, and remain dedicated to following her via Twitter and Instagram–and this collection of Instagram pics will get you hot on her trail, too…..

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