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Sex Toys of the Future—-And Other Morning Links…


Sex Toys Huffington Post

So you went to sleep and missed out on the latest news about Kanye West and the nerdy kid that got a Kanye beating. You probably don’t even know about the unlikely sports star, or even who’s returning to the WWE after a big-budget movie. And what about the sex toys of the future? You’ll want to be prepared for those.

We recommend skipping the coffee and going straight to these news items that’ll startle you awake–so start catching up with the world right now…

• There are new and improved sex toys in our future [HUFFINGTON POST]

• Meet the scariest 9-year-old girl in varsity sports [FOX Sports]

• Creepy kid wants cash from Kanye to settle out-of-court [TMZ]

Random facts in case you’re deciding where you want to be in the world today [THE CHIVE]

• The mighty Batista is returning to WWE via RAW [HEAVY]

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