January 21, 2014: 29 Pics For Sasha Pivovarova Turning 29 [PHOTOS]

Who’s the fine artist who also happens to be a fine model? That would be Sasha Pivovarova–who’s turning 29 years old today as a very fine hottie hyphenate. She’s an actress/model/illustrator whose art studio has turned out some self-portraits that are just as intense and weird as the photo shoots that appeal to this Russian beauty. Not that¬†Sasha Pivovarova isn’t a big name in more traditional modeling, too. (Of course there’s a proud tradition of hot Russian models.)

Sasha didn’t take a traditional path into modeling, though. She was an Art History major when she posed for the first time, and soon found herself modeling on the runway for Prada as one of her very first job. Sasha’s stayed on the fast track ever since. Her offbeat beauty and own artistic bent really appeals to visionary fotogs like Steven Meisel. The fashion industry also loves her as a major model who really makes the case for the gals being part of an artistic team. You can learn an awful lot about all kinds of things by reading an interview with Sasha¬†Pivovarova.

Sasha’s art career continues to take off, and she’s naturally also flirted with designing her own clothing. It was also fun to see Sasha on the big screen, as she made her acting debut in the 2011 sci-fi thriller In Time. We’re hoping to see more of Sasha in our multiplexes, and it sure looks like she’s set to keep gracing fashion shoots far into her thirties. Actually, we wouldn’t mind seeing Sasha trying her hand at directing a few films, too–as long as it doesn’t interfere with us getting more pics like these…

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