Hailey Clauson Is One Hot Housewife For Agent Provocateur [PHOTOS]

Hailey Clauson is only 18 years old, and we usually believe that young ladies should go out and see the world before settling down–but, gee, Hailey sure seems like marriage material in her new photo shoot for Agent Provocateur. We’ve never felt more provoked by the lingerie line.

A lot of the credit for these candy-colored photos go to the amazing Miles Aldridge, who’s done some of our favorite photo shoots for mags like GQ. He’s certainly found the perfect domestic goddess in Hailey Clauson. We’re thinking that is what all happy housewives must look like at the age of 18. The problem is that they keep forgetting to buy Agent Provocateur lingerie to wear around the house. Then they just start to look frumpy.

We doubt that’ll happen to Hailey. In fact, these pics have us convinced that she’ll look ravishing right up to the age of 21–and maybe beyond. Who knows? The important thing is that we’re willing to marry her to find out. Hailey must be ready to retire, anyway. She’s been walking for major designers ever since she was 15 years old.

In fact, Hailey even caused some controversy back then, since the┬áCouncil of Fashion Designers of America┬áhad banned models under the age of 16 from the catwalk. She probably hadn’t even hit her full height of 5’11” by then. We can tell you that Hailey has a great reputation for a gal who’s been a major fashion sensation since her days as a high-school sophomore.

Same goes her teen contemporary Karlie Kloss, which only shows that the fashion industry is one of the most moral and fine industries in the world. And speaking of fine–you’ll probably just want to look at these pics now…

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