Fraternity Gets Suspended for Throwing Dumb Racist Party on MLK Day

We don’t believe in the stereotype that fraternities (and frat brothers) are stupid–but, you know, some things just can’t be ignored. Take, for instance, the fraternity in Arizona that celebrated their three-day weekend by throwing a racially themed party on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. [Images via Instagram, because these people are idiots.]
Yeah, so Arizona State University’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was caught throwing an “MLK Black Party” last Monday. Party goers were encouraged to show up to the party in basketball attire while the fraternity served drinks in hollowed out watermelons. Just when you think the idea couldn’t get any dumber, some members were dumb enough to take pictures at the party of themselves and their frat brothers flashing gang signs. In their party outfits. And then posted said pics on Instagram  so the world could witness their stupidity.
This is just the latest incident in a long line of similar bad ideas that have gotten other college fraternities in trouble over the years. Just last year, a Duke fraternity got in trouble for throwing an “Asia Prime” party featuring crude, costumed depications of Asian Americans. That seems like a big enough tip-off that the party might get them in trouble–but they also missed the fact that they actually advertised the party on Twitter with the hashtag “#RacistRager.” Real subtle, guys–although being subtle wouldn’t have really been much of an improvement, right? Well, it’s a good thing that potential employers don’t know anything about social media or Google

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