Alexandra Daddario: 22 Sexiest GIFs You Need To See

Alexandra Daddario stars in True Detective–or at least the first few episodes–and the new HBO series is getting plenty of acclaim for a taut script and performances by Woody Harrelson and recent Academy Award nominee Matthew McConaughey. And guys are giving plenty of acclaim to Alexandra Daddario’s amazing shower scene, as the young sex bomb proves that’s it’s not television, it’s HBO, because television wouldn’t have Alexandra Daddario in her first nude scene.

This is a good place to note that True Detective shows Alexandra can hold her own with high-caliber actors. That’s no surprise to us, though. We’ve been daffy for Daddario’s acting talents for a while. We’ve compiled some hot Daddario pics, but Alexandra also got our attention with some great performances. She was easily the best thing about 2010′s Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. That fantasy franchise didn’t take off in Harry Potter style, but we’re pretty sure that it was Alexandra’s presence that warranted a sequel.

Alexandra then moved on to a regular role on the popular cable series White Collar. We didn’t mind her flashing her panties in the Farrelly Brothers comedy Hall Pass, but we were a lot more excited about Alexandra playing the heroine of Texas Chainsaw 3D. Not just because we love the Chainsaw franchise, either. It was nice to see Alexandra popping out in 3D, but even more fun to see her taking on a tough role as a strong femme.

So let’s salute both Alexandra’s body of work and her amazing bod with a look back at her sexiest scenes–plus a few candid hot moments that immortalize Alexandra’s fine form in GIF…um, form…

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