Kate Upton And NFL Players (And Other Celebs) Take Over VOGUE [PHOTOS]

It’s a parade of celebrity cameos as Kate Upton joins NFL players and assorted comedians for a wild time for the February issue of VOGUE magazine. There’s something big coming up in football for February, right? VOGUE is celebrating with a big photo shoot. In fact, we’re tempted to just let you play a game of naming them all. Some of them will be easy, because there are a few pics here where it’s only Kate and another guy, and–well, actually, that can still be pretty distracting.

If you can muster it, though, try to get your eyes off Kate and onto a fun collection of NFL-themed pics. It’s an exceptionally fun shoot by VOGUE, and our hearts are downright warmed by the sight of Kate getting to be a big buxom American dame in a magazine that prefers waifish international figures. Not that we have anything against those, either.

Still, seeing a gal like Kate Upton surrounded by football players and fans is the most American scenario we’ve enjoyed since her Carl Jr.’s commercial. Not that we haven’t saluted proudly while checking out her amazing GIFs, or Kate’s topless pics that have gotten us Upton for the USA. Enjoy all of that fine linkage, but first admire another fine fashion layout from VOGUE

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