Best of #NFLboobs: Super Bowl XLVII Edition [30 PHOTOS]



It’s the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks in the upcoming Super Bowl–which some people are calling the Super Bong, or maybe the Super Bowl of Smoldering Pot, because it’s Denver and Seattle. Boy, do we wish we had the nachos concession for the hometown fans. “But,” you ask, “which of these teams will actually go on to win the Super Bowl?”

To which we reply that you really won’t care while you’re looking at this Battle of the Big-Breasted Football Fans. We have an amazing gallery that’ll get you cheering on the uncanny cleavage of both Denver Bronco Dames and Seattle Seahawks Sirens. We’ll be impressed if either of those teams can handle the pressure that these joltin’ jerseys are put under by the massive presence of these big, big fans. Start cheering now while we’re all winners…

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