Ali Liebert on “Lost Girl” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Ali Liebert on Lost Girl

(8 PM EST, Syfy)

This new season of Lost Girl on the Syfy channel looks custom-made for your humble  See Her Tonight column. The show is already still focusing on the seductive succubus played by Anna Silk, and her lesbian love for psychiatrist Zoie Palmer as a seductive psychiatrist. Then they added Mia Kirshner to this new season, and we celebrated her extensive girl/girl work.

And now tonight introduces Ali Liebert in a recurring role, and we’re feeling pretty good about the chances for even more lesbian action in our living room tonight. That’s mainly because even Ali has referred to herself as Canada’s Favorite Lesbian–mostly thanks to her role as closeted gal Betty McRae in the (sadly, now canceled) WWII drama Bomb Girls. Ali followed that with great work  as a gal bewitched by a femme vocalist in the 2013 indie Down River.

Even her Twitter account plugs Ali’s lesbian loving, with a bio that declares “I kiss a lot of girls on TV.”  This is a lady who definitely knows how to promote her work. Of course, we’ve been promoting Ali ever since we first discovered her on the slasher miniseries Harper’s Island. Then the Canadian cutie went on to flaunt her fit body on the Canadian sitcom Health Nutz.

Ali was too smart to be a mere sex symbol, though, and Bomb Girls was a great showcase for her acting talents. Thankfully, Ali is still happy to rely on lesbian plot lines to keep her working, as well–although everyone’s been pretty secretive about her Lost Girl role. We’re still hoping for the best, and there’s also a Bomb Girls TV-movie in our future. Meanwhile, you can start enjoying Ali right now…

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