Guy With One Arm Pranks A ‘Walking Dead’ Star As Zombie [VIDEO]

Nick Santonastasso got to do what every Walking Dead fan dreams of: put on professional zombie makeup and scare Norman Reedus.

As the result of a birth defect, Santonastasso was born with just one arm and no legs. Santonastasso doesn’t let that get him down and has become a viral video star. Check out his Vines and be thankful that he hasn’t embarrassed you with one of his pranks.

Santonastasso has become such a viral video star that he caught the eye of The Walking Dead cast. Santonastasso was flown to Japan to prank Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl Dixon. He had his makeup done by The Walking Dead‘s makeup artist and hid in Reedus’ hotel room. Once Santonastasso jumps out, Reedus actually handles it pretty well. It probably helps that he’s already a fan of Santonastasso and already used to zombies chasing after him.

via YouTube

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