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Heather Graham Graces ’70s Schlock With “Flowers In The Attic” [PICS]


The Lifetime Channel famously gave us Lindsay Lohan in the campy¬†Liz & Dick–and now embraces more schlock with their Flowers In The Attic TV-movie tonight. And they’ve brought Heather Graham along for the ride. Which is important, since Heather’s the most legal hottie heating up the paperback adaptation.

For those who don’t know (which’ll be most guys), Flowers In The Attic was a sordid 1970s paperback series about siblings locked away in an attic so that their mom can marry some rich guy. It seems that Mom has decided that her new man doesn’t need to know that she comes with a family–and there’s an evil Grandmother happy to hide the kids away to protect a family fortune.

Technically,¬†Flowers In The Attic came out at the very end of the ’70s–but it would lead to a trashy series that kept ’70s schock going well into the ’80s. In fact, the series is still successful, and continues on under the name of original author V.C. Andrews. Never mind that she died in 1986. That was the year before the first Flowers In The Attic movie came out–and, you know, that kind of bombed at the time. Mostly because the story of those siblings locked in the attics gets kind of…well, um, icky.

That big-screen version is only a minor camp classic, too. We think that Lifetime is going a lot more crazy with their production tonight–with Heather Graham as the scheming Mom and Ellen Burnstyn as the evil Grandma. We were thrilled when Heather managed a big-screen comeback as a stripper in The Hangover (and certainly gathered up the hot pics), and we’re looking forward to tonight. Not that we expect things to get real sexy. But, hey, here are some pics to remind us all that Heather’s a real sex symbol…

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