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Eli Roth’s Trailer For ‘Clown’ Will Scare The S*** Out Of You [VIDEO]


The best part about being an adult is watching movies where clowns eat children and telling yourself, “If this ever happens in real life, thank god I’m not a stupid kid anymore.”

Clown was initially a fake trailer made by Jon Watts, but the video became so popular that Eli Roth decided to make it a reality. Roth is the movie’s producer, and he got Watts to direct. The film is about a father who has to put on an old clown costume that he found in a basement because the clown that he hired to come to his kid’s party didn’t show up. After watching the trailer, we hope he got his deposit back.

Once the father puts on the clown costume, he finds that it is impossible to take off. From there, the trailer doesn’t get into many specifics. Judging from the quick shots of ancient documents, screaming kids and spattering blood, it seems like the father turns into some sort of mythical, ancient clown killer that comes to life every few years.

It’s only a movie trailer, but just to be safe, never put on a clown costume — even if your kid will be scarred for life because you ruined his birthday.


  • COED Writer