Sara Sampaio In VS Lingerie Says, “Remember Valentine’s Day” [PHOTOS]

We get it, Victoria’s Secret! Valentine’s Day is coming up, so you can quit bothering us with hot underwear models like Sara Sampaio and Candice Swanepoel in skimpy outfits to keep reminding us that our ladies need more lingerie! Well, actually, we might need a few more reminders, but let’s just keep it on a twice-daily basis with the occasional live appearance in addition to the extensive photo shoots. There’s a prime Victoria’s Secret store right by the COED offices, so it’s not like anybody would really have to be making a special trip.

Anyway, here’s Sara Sampaio in another brazen attempt to separate us from our money in hopes that we’ll buy lingerie that’ll immediately make the gals in our lives look just like Sara Sampaio. It could work. You’ll see that there’s an awful lot of ravishing red and pretty pink in this porfolio–along with a few pics of Sara in devilish black, because Valentine’s Day isn’t all flowers and candies.

Sometimes the big day is about simmering emotions left long repressed and then let loose amongst the pressures of February 14th. We’re pretty sure that Sara knows what we’re talking about, because she’s been ignoring our cards and letters and gifts for a while. Boy, we bet she’s feeling really repressed by now. Sara’s probably been all worked up ever since the Portuguese beauty┬ámade her debut on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show catwalk back in November of last year. Yep, we’re thinking this is going to be a very special Valentine’s Day–so enjoy these pics, because we’ll probably be too possessive to share after the 14th…

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