Morena Baccarin on “The Late Late Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Morena Baccarin on The Late Late Show

(12:30 AM EST, CBS)

It’s another talk show for your See Her Tonight–which is unusual, but we don’t get enough chances to ogle Morena Baccarin. The sexy sci-fi gal has certainly spent lots of time in our living rooms. Geeks still don’t get enough of Morena as a regular Earthling–but here she is chatting with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show. We’re even getting Morena Baccarin promoting herself as a normal human being in the new indie Back in the Day. (And has anyone noticed how often Craig Ferguson ends up in this column? That’s thanks to gals like Brie Larson, Angie Harmon, Taylor Schilling, and Zoe Saldana.)

Like plenty of other geeks, we first fell for Morena as a sexy space babe on the short-lived sci-fi saga Firefly. That show made her an instant cult heroine–but Morena still kind of floundered for a while as a hot babe in routine roles. Then she returned to fantasy as a sexy alien leader in the revived V series. Her domineering character only showed up in 22 episodes over two seasons, but Morena remains the most memorable thing about that show.

Sadly, Morena isn’t promoting her role on the cable series Homeland. It looks like her stint on that show is over. We doubt that Back in the Day is going to be a big deal, but we’re happy to see Morena working–and your Mr. Happy will be happy to see her in this updated gallery…

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