Drake Proves That Not Every Canadian Is Good At Alochockey [VIDEO]


As part of Jimmy Fallon’s series of drinking games he plays with really famous people, Drake appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon where the two played “Alcohockey,” the part-air-hockey-part-beer-pong game. You’d think that Drake being Canadian would help him with the hockey aspect of the game, but that’s the “Furthest Thing” from the truth–Drake gets taken to school by Jimmy.

It would seem that in terms of celebrity drinking game talent, Drake’s “started from the bottom.” Am I right? “Hell Ya F*cking Right,” I am.

And what would a drinking game be without a little dispute? Jimmy Fallon even had to go to a slow-motion replay of the action to formally make Drake drink one of his cups.

Clearly someone needs to practice until “5 AM in Toronto.”

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