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Will Ferrell is Producing an “Anchorman-ish” TV Show About Astronauts


will ferrell

Will Ferrell’s not done turning the misogynistic workplace of the 1960’s and 70’s into a goldmine for comedy. Ferrell and Anchorman director Adam McKay are producing a pilot for NBC that does to NASA what Anchorman did to TV newsrooms. [Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr]

According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC has ordered a pilot for a new series called Mission Control set in 1962 about a macho astronaut going toe to toe with a strong headed woman who also has ambitions to become a space pioneer. So just based on the description so far, it’s basically Anchorman goes to space. The project actually started as a movie idea. Ferrell said in an interview with CHUD in 2006 while doing a press tour for Talladega Nights that the astronaut concept would have been the third film in what he and McKay called their “Mediocre American Man Trilogy” of films about “people who think they’re great who are not.”

Of course, it’s unlikely that Ferrell will take over such a role that he knows how to play so well with characters like Ron Burgundy in the Anchorman movies, Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights and even some of his less famous ones such as the extremely naive basketball promoter Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro. Plus, doing a work place comedy in space just sounds like an insane concept. It’s like launching the entire cast of The Office and making them work things out with their awkward socializing skills in a space station on the surface of the Moon. In space, no one can hear you squirm.

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