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January 16, 2014: Kate Moss Is 40—-Here’s 50 Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]


Kate Moss turns 40 years old today as one of the biggest models of the ’90s–and we’re beginning to see why people are getting so nostalgic for the decade. It was a time when a name like Kate Moss could court controversy just by looking as waifish as any hippie model of the ’60s, but with a post-punk urban edge. The amazing British babe probably wasn’t expecting anything like that, either. After all, she was discovered in the Kennedy Airport in NYC while returning home from a vacation in the Bahamas. Which seems healthy enough.

That was back in 1988, when Kate was still a teenager. She got really lucky with an early photo shoot done by Corrine Day, who was deep into her own post-punk period. The unglamorous shots quickly had Kate declared as the official anti-supermodel. Kate wasn’t petite at 5’7″, but there was a serious contrast between her looks and the statuesque curviness of gals like Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington.

Kate must have looked perfectly healthy to all of the top designers who began working with her and, sure enough, quickly turned her into a proper supermodel of the ’90s. The model still soon became the focus of what became known as Heroin Chic. A lot of people in the ’90s invoked Kate Moss as an unhealthy role model. Bill Clinton even had to give his opinion on the topic after Kate became a real household name in America with a 1993 campaign for Calvin Klein.

Kate has hung in over the years, though, and stayed very fashionable with some hip rock ‘n roll connections. It didn’t hurt when she began dating Johnny Depp for a few years in 1994. She’s always been popular as a presence in music videos (including one for the White Stripes, although Jack White was more entranced by Karen Elson). Kate’s stayed controversial, though, and it sure didn’t help when she became romantically involved with troubled druggie–and occasional musician–Pete Doherty back in 2005.

But now the model turns 40 years old as one of the richest models in history, and still one of the biggest draws in the industry. Playboy sure doesn’t think she’s getting any older. They proudly put her in a big pictorial at the end of 2013. Take a look at these pics, and you’ll see that Kate is still going to be around for a while…

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