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Emmy Rossum on Conan

(11 PM EST, TBS)

American Idol isn’t the show that it used to be, but the networks still aren’t in a hurry to compete against a new season. That’s wy we’re seeing a lot of series showing reruns tonight–but that’s okay, because it gives your See Her Tonight column a chance to check out the talk shows. And, specifically, to check out the amazing Emmy Rossum, who’s showing up on Conan to promote her cable series Shameless. It would also be a shame if Emmy wasn’t promoting her hot new photo shoot for Complex, which looks like all these pics below…

Emmy Rossum Shameless Complex 1

Of course, we’re always finding hot gals on talk shows–including ladies like Lizzy Caplan, Zoe Saldana, and Jes Macallan. They often aren’t appearing on the hot heels of this kind of action, though. Not that Emmy Rossum isn’t a very serious actress. She was just a teenager when Emmy began to emerge in films like the critically-acclaimed Mystic River and the schlock hit The Day After Tomorrow.

Emmy Rossum Shameless Complex 3

Then we got to see Emmy looking all grown-up on the big screen in minor films like Poseidon and Dragonball: Evolution. She also was among the cast in the bombed Twilight-wannabe teen thriller Beautiful Creatures. Fortunately, she then landed a splashy role on the Showtime series Shameless, where she constantly steals scenes as the most attractive member of a family full of lowlifes.

Emmy Rossum Shameless Complex 2

We’re a little baffled that Emmy isn’t a big enough name to be the Conan’s main guest tonight–but she’s coming on second to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and we guess that he’s still a real big deal, even if he’s just promoting some kind of indie project he runs, instead of being able to brag about posing for hot pics like this…

Emmy Rossum Shameless Complex 4

Anyway, that’s show biz. And while we’re thrilled to share the simple fun of these Complex pics, we’re not going to pretend that’s nearly enough of Emmy to get us through our day. So enjoy these Emmy-worthy GIFs of Ms. Rossum at her most ravishing, and be sure to tune her in tonight…

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