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Anastasia Ashley: Behind The Scenes With Her Scenic Behind [PHOTOS]


Anastasia Ashley stripped down to her bikini for a Budweiser commercial shot in Los Angeles, and we immediately had a fantasy about being a woman-eating shark. There’s nothing weird about that, right? There is? Okay, then we fantasized about being a womanizer in a sharkskin suit. The important thing is that Budweiser must still be the King of Beers if they’re associating themselves with the assets of Anastasia Ashley.

Landlocked guys might not know that Anastasia Ashley is a legendary surfer. She’s been tearing up the waves since she was a literal California Girl–meaning she first boogied on her board when she was six years old. Ashley was freshly transplanted to Hawaii from her home state, and she didn’t waste any time finding her one true passion.

Ashley went pro after high school, and quickly established herself as a surfing star when she won the 2003 Triple Crown Rookie of the Year. That was just the beginning to a stellar surfing career that includes the Professional Surfing Tour of America Championship and two National Scholastic Surfing Association Championships. We guess it’s no surprise that we’ve gotten a few opportunities to get excited over Anastasia in swimwear.

And now we’re thinking that she probably has some kind of deal with Budweiser where Anastasia gets lots of beer for free. That’s a dream gal–but we’d feel the same way if these behind-the-scenes pics had come from Anastasia doing a commercial for Ol’ Rotgut. You know, we’d enjoy some Ol’ Rotgut with Anastasia anytime, because that smokey kerosene flavor is perfect for getting drunk in the morning or night. Ol’ Rotgut–it’s the drink of champion drinkers who love to watch a champion surfer show off her bod…

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