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Victoria’s Secret’s Candice Swanpoel Endorses Valentine’s Day [PHOTOS]


Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel doesn’t want you to forget Valentine’s Day–so she’s gotten dolled up in pink and red lingerie to remind us that the big day is coming up next month. That’s good. You know how bad guys can get about remembering Valentine’s Day, since we might very well miss the advertising blitz and few thousand store displays every time we leave the house. We really need someone like Candice Swanepoel (in service of Victoria’s Secret) to remind us that February 14th is the big holiday where guys have to buy presents for their girlfriends.

Well, at least the guys who aren’t smart enough to pick a big fight on February 13th. But if we were dating Candice Swanepoel–instead of just collecting her sexiest GIFs, or her hottest bikini pics–we’d stay together on Valentine’s Day and spend a few thousand dollars on lots of Victoria’s Secret lingerie. We’re thinking that’s the ulterior motive to the fine lingerie line releasing these plentiful pics of Candice in pink and red. (There’s also a touch of the domme in devilish black.) The idea is that guys can buy this lingerie and give it to their girlfriend, and then she’ll look a lot like Candice Swanepoel.

Whatever happened to imagination? Our gals always look like┬áCandice Swanepoel once we close our eyes. And the main reason we’d buy Candice a lot of Victoria’s Secret lingerie is so that she can then thank us for being so thoughtful before explaining that she already gets all of this stuff for free, so we’d act all surprised and take everything back for a cash refund. And then buy Candice a card, because it’s the thought that counts…

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