Ellie Gonsalves, Renee Somerfield, Sheridyn Fisher In MAXIM [PICS]

Ellie Gonsalves, Renee Somerfield, and Sheridyn Fisher are three of the sexiest swimsuit models in Australian history, and Maxim has them. Except that it is the Australian edition of Maxim. Which is nice, but isn’t there supposed to be some kind of trading going on amongst all of this planet’s Maxims? It just seems a little greedy for the Aussie Maxim to host these awesome blondes without even some kind of statement that Ellie, Renee, and Sheridyn will be coming to the COED offices America soon. Doesn’t every swimsuit model want to come to America? If they aren’t, then what the hell is America trying so hard for, anyway?
This is still a good chance to get to know some hot babes who spend too much time down under and not enough time…um, on top. With us. If you know what we mean. Sheridyn Fisher isn’t just a physically-fit femme. She’s also a big deal businesswoman with her own Sheridyn Swim line. Renee Somerfield is probably the most internationally-known name here, and is also known for a classically slender bod that’s built with muscle training. Ellie Gonsalves is another swimwear designer, and also one of Australia’s busiest environmental activists. You can follow any of those links to their respective Twitter accounts, if you want to get to know them better. Which you do.
The good news is that guys have universal access to the Maxim empire, and our universe is really beautified by these three gals getting together. Check out the amazing pics and video, and get ready to discover an exciting new world of Australian swimsuit models. And, no, we haven’t forgotten gals like Jacinta Rokich and Rachel Burr and Simone Kerr and all the other lovely Aussies who’ve stolen our hearts. You just might be briefly distracted from them for a while…


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