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AXE Peace: First Scent Ever Nominated for A Nobel Prize [VIDEO + PICS]


Axe Peace Ad 1

AXE is the #1 best-selling fragrance in the world–and now the brand is putting their global influence to good use with the new AXE Peace line. Yes, this isn’t just a collection of body sprays, shampoos, deodorants, shave gels, face washes, and shower gels. AXE is stepping up to become part of a worldwide movement to inspire people to make love, not war.

You’ve heard that before, but that was from a bunch of dirty hippies. The first television ad to launch AXE Peace shows the real power of a fresh scent with an underlying warm (yet manly) edge. More specifically, it’s a mix of citrus and cedarwood. Which we know is really unique, because there’s never been a scent before that could change the world.

Which is just what we see happening as AXE begins their assault (if you’ll pardon the word) on consumers. The fine folks at AXE could’ve just followed the example of Wonderful Pistachios and hired Dennis Rodman for a quick joke. Instead, here’s an epic look at how some scary international figures could really just lighten up if they had AXE Peace around to take the edge off their power-mad instincts. What are they fighting for, after all? It’s a gal, right? It’s almost always a gal. That’s why we already see #KissForPeace trending on Twitter.

We have some insider experience with all this, too, since the COED crew was among the folks recently flown overseas to Berlin by the AXE empire. The company had a stealth debut of this new commercial while we sat right in the heart of history–before we gave our own AXE Peace a workout by enjoying plenty of Berlin’s finest eats and drinks, and getting some great tips on the art of graffiti before unleashing our own hard-earned freedom to create great art on the walls of Berlin.

So check out some pics of that fun right after you enjoy the slow build of the first AXE Peace commercial–as AXE reveals how their plans for Peace can actually change the world. The spot is a lot of fun and offers some great surprises. That includes how the commercial is a big change from AXE’s usual easygoing branding. But then, the AXE Peace Project is a big deal. It even hits the streets just in time for President Obama to proclaim, “Give Peace a chance.” He probably has his eyes on another Nobel Prize, too…

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