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Teri Reeves on “Chicago Fire” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Teri Reeves on Chicago Fire

(10 PM EST, NBC)

Teri Reeves officially has a recurring role on Chicago Fire, but it sure feels like a special guest appearance every time she appears on the show. Of course, your See Her Tonight column has regularly gotten heated up over Chicago with starlets like regular Lauren German and names like Shiri Appleby. And there’s also the new franchise of Chicago PD with Sophie Bush. But Teri has really been entrancing as troubled doctor Hallie Thomas, who’s damn lucky to keep her patients alive while she’s distracted with a frantic love life.

Teri’s been distracting us for a while, although she’d already established herself before appearing in the Hulu series Battleground. That political dramedy hasn’t gotten enough attention, but Teri caught our eye–and we weren’t too surprised to see her bouncing between NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles as different characters. We also caught her on Scandal and Castle. By then, though, Teri had also began her not-so-regular appearances on Chicago Fire.

Teri’s a pretty interesting gal, too. Hollywood needs to catch up with her martial arts skills and cast her as a kick-ass action hero. The former math major might not be too interested, though, since she seems to be preferring small indie films. Somebody needs to introduce her to Sylvester Stallone for the Expendables franchise. (Stallone could start by following Teri via Twitter.) We wish that Chicago Fire would treat her less like she’s expendable–and you’ll agree after checking out these fiery photos…

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