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Rihanna Goes (Virtually) Topless For VOGUE Brazil [PHOTOS]


Rihanna is taking off her top for an upcoming edition of the Brazilian issue of Vogue–but pictures of the pictures reveal the titillating secrets of getting pictures of a bare-breasted pop star. You see, a lady like Rihanna isn’t going to just stand around a beach all day with her breasts exposed. Well, actually, we’d probably nominate Rihanna as the pop star most likely to stand around a beach all day with her breasts exposed. Especially if she had a bevy of bongs around her beach blankets. (See, we’re saying that because we have our favorite pics of Rihanna getting high.)

Anyway, the professionals at a Vogue photo shoot don’t let their star models just stand around naked. Instead, you can check out these pics to get awesome (and now totally SFW) pics of Rihanna baring her bod with some pasties carefully covering up her naughtiest bits. By which we mean naughty bits as defined by the censors. We’ve censored these pics slightly, but we’ve also left a lot exposed so that ordinary folks can see how Rihanna’s breasts are proudly out front while behind the scenes.

There’s nothing disappointing about a virtually naked Rihanna. There’s still plenty of celebrity sideboob on display, and ample pics of every kind of angle of Rihanna’s stunning bod. And we’re also taking some comfort in knowing that Rihanna is protecting her more delicate ladyparts from the harsh Costa Verde sun. Take a look for yourself and get even more excited about the upcoming Brazilian issue of Vogue. Yeah, we need to get a subscription, too…

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