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Pizza Hut Breaks Its Pizza Protocol By Selling Pizza By the Slice


Pizza Hut Sells By Slice

Pizza Hut has finally gone the way of the big city and decided to sell pizza by the slice–which might be up there with Coke attempting to market New Coke back in the ’80s. For many years, pizza-by-the-slice has only been an urban invention, augmented by the occasional stand in a shopping mall food court. Now, we have Pizza Hut attempting something that could revolutionize the pizza industry.

According to the Associated Press, Pizza Hut will offer customers who just want to have a couple of slices of pizza the chance to buy their pizza by the slice rather than the whole pie. They will test their new business model by opening two specialty shops this week in Nebraska and Rhode Island to see how customers take to ordering by the slice. The opening sales might be a little low, since most of them will think they are just hallucinating after spending most of their lives having to buy whole pizzas just to have one friggin’ slice of pizza.

This new competitive business model could mark a huge change for the pizza industry as we know it. We’re thinking this will change the competition amongst chains, and make fancy places like John’s Pizzeria in Manhattan look even ritzier by refusing to sell single slices. We’re certainly anticipating a whole new range of pizza wars–plus no longer having to see the bizarre sight of people walking up to a Dominos franchise and placing an order and then waiting around for the pizza to be ready. That’s ┬ánever made sense. They deliver.

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