This year’s L.A. Kings Ice Crew Bikini Calendar showcases hockey’s hottest in skimpy swimsuits as they pose, preen, and further beautify the beach fronts, swimming pools, and luxury play areas of the Kings’ hometown. That’s part of the ladies’ longtime commitment to celebrating winter sports amongst seaside heat. The L.A. Kings Ice Crew, in fact, embodies the beauty of both, as each member is a combination figure-skating beach bunny and bikini-goddess-turned-human-Zamboni-machine.

And now we get a newly-released “Making of the Bikini Calendar” video hosted by curvaceous KingsVision correspondent (and Ice Crew vet) Carrlyn Bathe exposes how all that sizzling swimsuit action went down on day one of the project at Palm Springs’ Riviera Resort and Spa. It will definitely make your palms spring.

Given the Kings’ vicinity to Hollywood, their Ice Crew is the NHL’s most high-profile bevy of beauties. The last season of CBS’s The Amazing Race, for example, featured among its competitors Kings Ice Crew hotties Ashley Covert and Alley Melo (who also happen to boast incredibly misleading surnames). The girls may not have won that contest, but viewers sure won every time they appeared on-screen.

The “Making Of” video ends with a tease for an upcoming look at day two when the Crew made it out to Malibu. The KingsVision website also promises future video profiles of each individual Ice Crew babe at her bikini-brandishing best. We’ll keep you posted on that–but don’t forget that the Ice Crew also does a fine job of keeping their fans abreast via social media. That link will take you to plenty of opportunities to follow the gals–and this gallery will convince you even more about how that’s a good idea…

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