January 14, 2013: Karen Elson Turns 35 As A Single Lady [PHOTOS]


Karen Elson turns 35 years old this January 14th, 2013–and she’s doing so as a single lady. That’s bad news for rock ‘n roller Jack White, who married the high-fashion gal back in 2005. That was after Karen showed up to shoot the White Stripes’ video for “Blue Orchid.” ¬†And we’re absolutely heartbroken to see the English model get single again after spending a few years in Nashville and becoming a MILF, but we just want Karen Elson to know that she’s welcome to come back to New York City and live with us until she’s back on her feet.

Not that Elson really needs our help. She’s been a major name in modeling ever since she was a kid. In fact, the striking redhead marked her 18th birthday by appearing on the cover of Italian Vogue. We can’t think of a single top photographer who hasn’t sought Karen Elson out as a muse, and she’s modeled for every top designer in the world. But that isn’t enough for a creative spirit like Elson. She’s branched out into her own design work for fashion houses.

There’s also a good reason that Karen hooked up with Jack White. We can’t think of a model besides Milla Jovovich who’s pursued a more serious musical career. Karen was just beginning to play around with music when she met Jack White, and she recorded her 2010 album The Ghost Who Walks¬†during their marriage–which (did we mention how sad this is?) officially ended just this past November. Let’s all console ourselves with a look back at plenty of Karen’s most sexy pics, and hope that Karen will keep up her musical career enough to keep touring so we can see her in 3D…

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