Mia Kirshner on “Lost Girl” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Mia Kirshner on Lost Girl

(8:00 PM EST, Syfy)

It’s a busy night on Syfy, as the network debuts one new show and two returning entries–and one of them is the See Her Tonight fave Lost Girl. Yes, this column is a proud supporter of the hottest fantasy show to ever emerge from Canada. That’s mostly thanks to the lesbian love story that gets told between the sexy succubus played by Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer as a seductive psychiatrist. There’s also a studly werewolf/police detective in the mix, and Emmanuelle Vaugier frequently shows up as a sensual scheming demon.

So how could Lost Girl get us lost more in fantasy? By adding Mia Kirshner in a recurring role for the new season. It’s hard to know where to begin in listing the importance of the Mia Kirshner brand. She helped the 24 series become a sensation with her role in the first season as the naked lesbian assassin known as Mandy. It was always a big deal whenever Mandy made a brief appearance in later episodes, and she was the only character besides Jack Bauer that we knew the producers would never dare write off with a sudden death.

Of course, some fans had already enjoyed seeing Mia in their living rooms on the short-lived werewolf series Wolf Lake, or watched her doing a very sexy job parodying Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Cruel Intentions character in Not Another Teen Movie. Older fans will remember how Mia seemed poised for big-screen stardom in the ’90s, with daring roles in respected indie productions like Exotica and Love & Human Remains.

And then there’s her incredible history of lovely lesbian scenes, from movies like The Black Dahlia to her amazing stint on Showtime’s The L Word–where her character went from naive newbie lesbian to scheming gal who was murdered at the end of the series just to make the fans happy. So we’re certainly expecting a lot of new twists to Mia on Lost Girl–so let’s warm up with these amazing pics that’ll bend your brain….

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