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January 13, 2014: Ruth Wilson Makes Up For “THE LONE RANGER” [PHOTOS]


Ruth Wilson is turning 32 years old today–that being January 13th, 2014–and she’s not quite as famous as she was supposed to be. That’s because the edgy English actress signed on to last summer’s The Lone Ranger as her big American breakthrough. Things didn’t really work out from there. The movie starred Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer and lots of train wrecks, but still ended up as one of the biggest…um, train wrecks of the 2013 summer film season.

Ruth Wilson got lost amongst all that in a pretty dull role as the Lone Ranger’s love interest. That’s too bad. Part of the problem was that the wild actress was simply wasted as both a character and sex symbol. Ruth isn’t exactly the kind of gal who can make a bland role look good. She has an offbeat beauty that becomes very plain if you don’t give her enough to emote.

But give Ruth a weird role and you can really see her sexuality shine. Just ask all of the guys who’ve fallen in love with her evil ways on Luther. That’s the popular English import that’s become the favorite crime show of smart folks with discerning taste. Ruth Wilson plays the charmingly psychotic character Alice Morgan, who likes to kill people while often helping out Idris Elba as police detective John Luther.

Ruth shows off plenty of sex appeal in that role–enough so that audiences weren’t surprised to see John Luther helping Alice Morgan bust out of a mental asylum so he could spend more time with her bust. So as Ruth turns another year older, let’s put The Lone Ranger behind us and remember how she ended up in the American multiplexes. And maybe we should give The Lone Ranger another try. It was one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite movies from last year…

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