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Dorial Green-Beckham Should Play College Ball in Colorado [CAMPUS CRIME]


Dorial Green-Beckham College Crime

Dorial Green-Beckham is a sophomore football player who led No. 5-ranked University of Missouri in receptions last season–but we’re thinking that he should really transfer to a college in Colorado. Or maybe one in California, or out in Washington State. That’s because Green-Beckham got sacked by the cops in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri this past Friday, via official charges of “suspicion of drug activity.”

We’re still not sure what drugs were involved, but we do know that Green-Beckham and some of his teammates were busted back in October of 2012 over marijuana possession. There was a news report on that, but the charges were pretty much reduced, and the University of Missouri only suspended him for one game. That was right after Dorial caught his first touchdown pass, too–and this turned out to be his commemorative photo…


This time, it seems that the police are looking at pursuing charges of distribution and manufacturing drugs. That takes this out of the realm of the innocent mistake and right into felony territory. (At least Dorial’s father seems pretty sure that his kid won’t be charged.)

Actually, we’re thinking that Dorial Green-Beckham’s biggest crime here may be failure as a role model–if we’re still just talking about mere marijuana and the guy keeps playing on the field like a champ. Last season, the 6’6″ player (who weighs a very fit 225 pounds) had 59 receptions with a 15-yard average and 12 touchdowns. That doesn’t exactly make the case for marijuana use turning you into some kind of sloth.

We’re not going to defend the guy if he was selling heroin to blind orphans, but we’re thinking there are a few stoners who’d find Dorial to be a real inspiration. They should check out Dorial’s highlights reel below–and try to avoid meeting certain COED staffers. We have lowlight reels that would scare any stoner straight…

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