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Golden Globes Mean Celebrity Sideboob On The Red Carpet [PHOTOS]


It’s the night of the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards, and there were globes a-plenty on the red carpet! Check out our favorite poses from the likes of Aubrey Plaza, Heidi Klum, Jenna Dewan, Zoe SaldanaKaley CuocoAmber HeardMargot Robbie, and more! Of course, it’s not just about sideboob here, either. We’ve also pulled some lovely shots of things like Elisabeth Moss showing off her surprisingly tight bod, and Robin Wright revealing that fine ass that earns plenty of lesbian loving on House of Cards.

(We hate the idea of discouraging revealing clothes, but here’s an updatated shot of Robin Wright’s wardrobe malfunction from the actual show–as the star accidentally reveals the old Hollywood secret of using tape to keep an outfit from revealing more than sideboob. Yeah, you’re not supposed to see the actual tape…)

Robin Wright Tape Malfunction

Olivia Wilde is wrapped up tight, but still looks great–although her new curves are courtesy of being pregnant. Anna Gunn also shows off an amazing ass that we weren’t really expecting from the bad bride of Breaking Bad. Hey, that show can still surprise us! It’s always a pleasant surprise when Jessica Chastain displays her rockin’ bod, and we really appreciate Amy Adams dressing up as her breast-baring character from American Hustle.

It’s also nice to be reminded that Reese Witherspoon still has some outstanding talents. We’d say this is the best Golden Globe Awards ever, but there is the sad story of what Emma Watson is wearing tonight. The dress is backless, but the neckline is almost up to her jawline–but, hey, check out her bikini pics from earlier this week. That’s some award-winning stuff right there, but it can wait until after tonight’s stellar displays….

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