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Watch This Ventriloquist Pick Up Chicks On The Subway [VIDEO]


It always helps to have a wingman when you’re trying to pick up chicks.

Nigel Dunkley went on the NYC subway to get some girls’ numbers, and he brought along his ventriloquist dummy for a little help. Like a lot of ventriloquist-dummy duos, Nigel is a lot more timid than his dummy friend. Luckily, the dummy was willing to use his skills to help out his buddy, and it worked a lot better than you might think.

Unless you’re also a skilled ventriloquist, there’s not a lot that you can copy from this video to help you get some phone numbers. Sill, there are some general lessons to be learned. Use whatever strange skills you might have and figure out a clever way to show them off. Also, girls love confidence, even if it’s coming from a muppet.

via Gawker

  • COED Writer