Sam Faiers: Hooray For Her On Hulu (and “Big Brother UK”) [PHOTOS]

British beauty Sam Faiers has had a big week with Celebrity Big Brother and Hulu news. The past few days were big enough, in fact, that she’d be our Woman of the Week if Sam wasn’t really having her big week in England. That won’t keep us from celebrating the British babe, though. Especially since the best news of the week is Sam getting brought to America again.

The week began with a big deal as Sam Faiers was announced as a cast member in the new season of┬áCelebrity Big Brother–alongside exhibitionistic fellow gal Jasmine Waltz. There’s also Evander Holyfield in the house, although he had a pretty bad week with the start of the show. Sam was outstanding, though, and showed off more of the vibrant personality that made her a star on the UK reality-show The Only Way Is Essex.

The Only Way Is Essex–affectionally abbreviated as TOWIE in Sam’s homeland–is commonly considered to be the UK equivalent of The Jersey Shore. That’s kind of accurate, since it’s about low-rent types trying to lead fabulous lives in the not-too-glamorous county of Essex. The show’s a little classier, though, and not just because of the accents.

TOWIE is entering its tenth season, too–so it’s pretty exciting to see that Hulu has the show available online. Maybe the show’s been around for a while, but we didn’t know until Hulu added some recent TOWIE seasons to the other new content announced this week. We know that there are plenty of guys who aren’t keeping up with the UK’s top reality shows, and we sure understand. But just in case you need an idea of what keeps us tuning in, then check out these fine pics of Sam Faiers below (with a few featuring her co-stars)…

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