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Victoria’s Secret Models: The Week In Instagram [January 10, 2014]


The holidays are over and the Victoria’s Secret models are back to work! At least, we think they are. It’s hard to tell. Some of them may be working on the beach, and others might still be enjoying a vacation. We’re not really sure. All we really know is that Anja Rubik seemed to be the busiest model this week, since it seems that she mixed working and scuba diving. Which is nice–especially since she was thoughtful enough to post so many pics during those days.

We’re pretty sure that Lindsay Ellingson is always a winner in any guy’s eyes–but she deserves special recognition for posting the saddest Instagram pic ever of a Victoria’s Secret model. It’s kind of heartbreaking, and we’re pretty sure that it means Lindsay was working somewhere in the universally-cold USA this week. We’re not sure if Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls were at work, but they sure seemed to be in Paradise–which is sometimes a Victoria’s Secret model’s workplace.

Lily Aldridge has presented us with a great modeling portfolio that might be recent work. We’re not sure. Things get kind of blurry after we stare at those pics for a few hours. We’re sorry to report that Cara Delevingne didn’t post any pics of her lesbian canoodling with Michelle Rodriguez as the Knicks game this week–but she did post some fun shots from Madison Square Garden, plus one promising pic of Cara getting up close and personal with Jourdan Dunn. Thanks, Cara.

We don’t know what to make of Behati Prinsloo in a t-shirt for a ’70s Boston punk-rock band called Nervous Eaters. Maybe her boyfriend turned her on to the band. Anyway, that’s one of a few very interesting shots from that gal. And did we mention that a Victoria’s Secret model has a boyfriend? That’s kind of depressing. Hey, these Instagram pics will cheer us up…

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