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Pacman And Peso’s North Korean Adventure [VIDEO]


Believe it or not, Dennis Rodman isn’t the only American motormouth sounding off in North Korea. D.C.-based hip-hop twosome Pacman and Peso have just released “Escape to North Korea,” a music video they shot on location in Pyongyang, capitol city of present-day earth’s most terrifying totalitarian nation. And while “Escape” is likely the first rap video ever shot in North Korea, it’s definitely the only one so far in which none of the main players have ended up getting themselves shot. Yet.

In a Washington Post article last September, Anthony Bobb (Pacman), 19, and Dontray Ennis (Peso), 20, announced their intention to travel to the land of pop star executions and royal family members being fed to hungry hounds. After a cash dump by a hedge fund manager (does anyone dare to theorize about his motives?), P&P boarded an airplane for the first time in their lives and took their act 6,742 miles on the road

So why did they do it? “To jumpstart [our] musical career,” explains the pair’s Kickstarter page. And, hey, we’ve written this much–and you’ve read this far–so now we may as well all watch the video.

Amidst snowy scenery that includes subway TV monitors, brawny propaganda sculptures, and unsmiling communist death-troops, “Escape to North Korea” showcases the dreadlocked duo rapping about their trip, visiting a school, and just sort of walking around until Pacman wraps it up by stating: “I do this shit for Barack.”

In another loving touch, Pacman and Peso debuted “Escape to North Korea” on dear leader Kim Jong Un’s thirty-first birthday.

Release the hounds.

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