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Meredith Adelaide on “Grimm” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Meredith Adelaide on Grimm

(9:00 PM EST, NBC)

Meredith Adelaide plays “Joy” on tonight’s episode of Grimm–and we have no idea what that means, but your¬†See Her Tonight¬†column is overjoyed to see one of our favorite gals back in our living rooms. We’ve been wanting to write about Meredith Adelaide for a while, with the ravishing redhead first catching our eye in the bizarre web series Arcana. That metaphysical tale went over our heads, but our eyes went straight to Meredith as a standout presence. (Grimm, of course, has captivated us with gals like Claire Coffee, Bree Turner, and Katie Walder.)

Arcana was homegrown out of Portland, and we quickly learned that Meredith is one of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauties. Grimm films in Portland, too, so we were kind of thinking that Meredith was inevitable as a guest star. She’s already livened up a couple of Portlandia sketches. We haven’t been too surprised that a lot of people remember her turn on that show as a yoga-loving waitress.

Sadly, not enough of those people joined us in the theater to enjoy Meredith on the big screen in the 2012 thriller Gone. It was a small role, but you can’t miss Meredith in anything–even though she’s kind of a chameleon who can go from glamorous gal to rustic woman. We’re not sure what to expect from the upcoming Portland production Bad Signs, where Meredith has a lead role that lands her alongside talents like Ron Jeremy and Tonya Harding. We’re expecting a quirky comedy from folks already smart enough to hire one of Portland’s brightest talents.

Meredith is also half of the musical duo Josh and Mer, and, boy, can she sing. She does some modeling, too. Did we forget to mention that? Well, check it out below, and then follow Meredith on Twitter and Instagram to see more of our favorite rising stars…

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