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Butt… She Does Yoga [36 PHOTOS]


Butt She Does Yoga

If you’re looking for photos of sexy women in yoga pants, you’re in the right place.

I mean, I’m not too sure what else you’d be looking for in an article titled “Butt… She Does Yoga,” but what do I know? Maybe you were looking for GIFs of sexy girls in yoga pants. Maybe you were searching for a pair of yoga pants to buy for your girlfriend and accidentally clicked on this. Incidentally that’s exactly the excuse that you should use if your girlfriend catches you looking at this post.

Oh… Did I just ruin the utility of that excuse by plastering it on the very same article which got you in trouble in the first place? I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you need an excuse to stare at sexy butts in yoga pants.

[Editor’s note: The intern who wrote this awful text and ruined the amazing photos below has been fed to the office dog, Chilli. That’s just how we roll.]

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