Nude Olympians: Hot Women of Curling [24 PHOTOS]

It’s time you started getting to know your 2014 nude olympians a little better, so we figured that the hot women of curling would be as good a place to start as any other. In fact, it might even be the best place to start, considering thre things:

A) Just how hot female curlers are.

B) Just how naked olympians get

C) Just how little you know about the sport dating all the way back to 1521.

Curling by its very nature as an Olympic sport is intriguing. Before its reintroduction to the Olympics, most people had never even heard of it. But now with all of its quirkiness, curling could almost be considered one of the fan favorites of the Winter Olympics. I can promise you that once people start learning about women like Claudia Toth (AUS), Anna Arce (SPA), Linn Githmark (NOR), and Kathy Selwand (GER) and how they’ve actually gotten naked on camera, the sport will really start sweeping (get it?) the world.

As the 2014 Sochi games get closer, we’ll be updating you on all things naked and sexy about the Olympics so keep coming back for more.

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