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Persephanie Lesperance

Persephanie Lesperance ranked in the top ten finalists of Maxim magazine’s “Hometown Hotties” amateur beauty contest last year. Now she’s arrested, because the 24-year-old aspiring model—who describes herself as “quirky” and “adventure-seeking”—is accused of peddling heroin. Which is one very quirky way of seeking adventure.

Now Persephanie has dealt herself a double baggie of trouble. After getting caught climbing through a window at the Gosling Meadows housing projects in the middle of the night, Persephanie was arrested again and charged with violating the conditions of her original bail. All this misbehavior is a far cry from the “guilty pleasure” she shared in her Maxim contestant profile—namely, “eating hot fudge straight from the jar.”

Persephanie Lesperance Instagram

Being held for a new bail of $5,000, Persephanie may well ponder another revelation she shared while drumming up votes for her Hometown Hottie run. “I love meeting new people and experiencing their cultures,” she told a reporter, “it just keeps me grounded. Basically, I’m the kind of buddy you want to travel with.”

Alas, “grounded”, she is. And there’s no doubt that Persephanie will be meeting new people and experiencing their cultures in her immediate prosecutorial future. But she’d likely be wise to postpone any travel plans and become more of the kind of buddy you’d want to bunk with… and/or suds up with in one magical prison shower lesbian orgy after another. Oh, wait—that’s just our idea of quirkily seeking adventure.

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