Kate Upton Can’t “Keep Her Clothes On” In V Magazine Cover [PHOTOS]


Kate Upton Lead

Kate Upton returns to V Magazine with her second shoot in as many years, this time with the lead headline reading “Why Can’t Kate Upton Keep Her Clothes On?” I know that the editors are asking a rhetorical question here to gain attention for their 87th issue but the answer is pretty obvious. Because she’s got a fantastic chest? Because it’s her job to wear as little clothes as possible? Because she knows that’s why people buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? I’m just throwing out random guesses here. [photo courtesy of V Magazine]

OK, truthfully the reason we’re acting a little salty is because these two images are the ones we can get our hands on. Last time Kate was featured in the glossy magazine we managed to stumble across a few photos of her before anywhere else. So far, no dice but we’re guessing that V Magazine now understands how much of a goldmine they’re sitting on.

The cover story for their spring issue comes at an interesting time for Kate because we’re fairly positive that she won’t land the cover of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But what do we know? We’ve just been covering rumors and butts surrounding the publication since the thing started. Not that she really needs that kind of attention anymore though [Editor’s note: yes she does] when she’s starring in movies like The Other Woman, alongside Charlize Theron and Leslie Mann.

But back to the cover. What you’re actually seeing in the photo above is one cover, which can peel back to reveal Kate in just her underwear. For now, though, that’s all you’ll get from V Magazine so why not check out some of the busty blonde’s other great work.

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