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January 9, 2014: Sexy Celebs At The People’s Choice Awards [PHOTOS]


Last night’s People’s Choice Awards had some sexy celebrities busting out their beautiful bods on the red carpet–but not a lot, because the People’s Choice Awards aren’t a particularly glamourous affair. We’re expecting the red carpet to get a lot more hot at the Golden Globes this Sunday. That doesn’t mean that we weren’t still looking out for some busty brilliance for the big night. Especially with Kat Dennings hosting, because we knew that she was going to be very glamorous.

And so we have a Not-So-Dirty Dozen pics here of our favorite costumes from the People’s Choice Awards, where the winners included…well, who cares? Ellen Degeneres won her record 14th trophy, which’ll give you an idea of just how exciting things got last night. Katy Perry didn’t even bother to show up to accept for “Roar” as Best Video.

Things only got daring when Shemar Moore flirted like a madman with fellow presenter Malin Akerman–and you’ll understand why when you see Malin’s outfit. She’s one of the bigger names below, along with Heidi Klum and Marg Helgenberger. Those two did a fine job of representing the MILF contingent. Jessica Alba popped up to pop out, too, and God bless her.

Otherwise, it was left to rising starlets to grab some attention, and we’re certainly grateful for that. You’ll see a lot of relatively new faces (and other body parts) here, and we certainly can’t blame the gals for grabbing the glory at a fairly dull awards show. These are the ladies who were really the show’s highlights…

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