Brooke Lyons on "Two and a Half Men" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Brooke Lyons on Two and a Half Men

(9:30 PM EST, CBS)

Brooke Lyons plays a sex-crazed single on tonight’s Two and a Half Men, and we’re excited even if she isn’t ending up enjoying some lesbian loving with series star Amber Tamblyn. Not that we’re saying that won’t happen. Lesbianism is the big running gag on Two and a Half Men nowadays, and we couldn’t be happier. Still, See Her Tonight is perfectly happy if Brooke just ends up with Jon Cryer’s character at the swingers’ social that they both end up attending.

We’re also happy that tonight’s episode has Odette Yustman (aka Odette Annable) back in her story arc with Ashton Kutcher as lustful coworkers. Not that we’re taking Brooke for granted. Yes, she’s been a regular presence in our living rooms with her recurring role as Peach on 2 Broke Girls, and we’ve also enjoyed her on Sullivan & Son and Royal Pains. It was also great to see her in the recent Psych musical.

But we actually go back to 2008 , when we joined a lot of other guys in noting her as a sexy squaw (and the only memorable thing) in the Martin Lawrence comedy Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. We were also an early user of Brooke via her role as a sexy alien Cat Lady in the web series Now we’re more than half-thrilled to see her keeping Two and a Half Men going as the sexiest sitcom on television–but Brooke can get us all going right now…

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