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Beanpole Mother Eats a 72 Oz. Steak in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]


Meet Molly Schuyler, a woman who just broke the world steak-eating record–and if you thought that the world’s most successful competitive eater was some big brute, then you haven’t been following Molly’s fine career. She’s a slender mother of four who looks like she jogs every day. She doesn’t even look like she could finish a whole dinner salad.

And yet Schuyler took on her steak eating challenge at Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen in Portland, Oregon–where she was tasked with eating a massive 72-ounce slab of steak in under an hour. The previous record was held by Peter “Furious Pete” Czerwinski. He finished it in just over six minutes. As you’ll see, Schuyller doesn’t need anything that leisurely. But the truly amazing part isn’t that she completes the challenge in record time. It’s how she does it. Like most competitive eaters, she doesn’t waste time with a knife and fork. She just picks up the thing and devours it like a piranha working a zebra carcass that’s been dumped in the river.

Of course, this ain’t her first gastrointestinal rodeo. Molly has knocked down quite a few eating challenges in her day including a 7-pound burrito, 9 pounds of fried mushrooms, a national cheese sandwich competition in which she finished seven sandwiches in under one-and-a-half minutes, a 5-pound calzone, 25 pounds of chicken wings, 2 pounds of bacon and around 20 other records under her surprisingly small belt. In fact, just a few days before her big steak challenge, she became the only woman to ever complete the Mad Greek Deli’s 12-pound sandwich challenge in Portland. Someone should check and make sure she only has four children because she may have already eaten one of them.

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