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“Robocop” Reboot Video: Omnicorp Takes Over CES 2027


The Robocop reboot is knocking out some more viral video, with the ever-busy Omnicorp taking the lead during the Consumer Electronics Show of 2027. That’s the year before the new Robocop takes place, and this video does a pretty good job of setting up why there has to be a Robocop. Since the remake is one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014, we know that Omnicorp is doing a great job with their oversized policing and battle drones.

The company wants to go smaller for the American market, though, and can’t quite figure out how to do that–until, that is, the executive played by Michael Keaton comes up with the idea of putting a real person in the armor. A lot of that gets set up in the video above. We’re a little disappointed that Samuel L. Jackson isn’t hosting the show here, but this is still some viral video that’s really useful in setting up the story.

As opposed to, say, the Prometheus viral footage that ended up not being too important. We wasted a lot of time analyzing that stuff. Anyway, it’s a fun reminder that Robocop is coming. And, you know, it seems to us that people wouldn’t even know that the real-life CES was actually going on right now if it wasn’t for Michael Bay’s bizarre behavior there recently. Any chance that was some kind of set-up? Probably not, but we’d push the idea if we were Michael Bay….

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