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Lauren Hanley Goes On Date With Johnny Football [VIDEO + PHOTOS]


Last night Johnny Football took Lauren Hanley (Miss COED of the Year nominee) out to a nice dinner date at Katsuya in Hollywood. Of course TMZ got video of the two leaving.

Lauren’s been getting a lot of deserved press in the past few days (this is her third article on TMZ, plus she made SI‘s “Hot Clicks” again yesterday morning) and we couldn’t be happier for her. We’ve been trying to tell everyone that Lauren’s been deserving a spot in the limelight for some time now. From her original post:

“I can’t say that I’ve seen Lauren’s name in a lot of places yet but I’d bet my right pinkie that’s going to change within the next few months. She’s got a great shot to rise to the top.”

We don’t want to say that we told you so but… F*ck it. Yeah. We did.

The two were first spotted leaving the FSU Takeover party late Sunday morning, along with Lauren’s friend Courtney and Johnny’s friend Johnny Tatro.

But last night was just dinner for two, and there’s actually a good chance that the two were out celebrating his decision to leave Texas A&M to declare for the draft. Johnny announced today that he had signed an agent and would be leaving college to go the NFL.

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